Sunday, 18 December 2011

For starters.

I know that there are a lot of food blogs out there. How do I know? Because I read them. Religiously. 

In this day and age it is something of a stereotype (especially for women) to wax lyrical about how they "live to eat" or how "food has changed their life" or some other boring cliché that leads you to immediately form opinions about said person, but hey, I can't help it. Indulge me.  

So what kind of person does this make me? I like to think an intriguing one, someone you would like to hang out with (preferably at a restaurant or somewhere providing edible fare), but, if anything, I would at least like to be known as someone who knows a thing or two about food. Because, trust me, I do. 

When I'm not eating (something of a rarity, ask anyone...), you may find me inhaling copious amounts of food-related programmes on TV, oh-ing and ah-ing over a glossy cookbook, licking raw batter intended for cookies guiltily off my fingers, daydreaming about what's for dinner, or, most likely, having a nice little lie down after eating too much food (an easy mistake, it can happen to anyone. It just seems to happen to me a lot.)  

As well as being the food editor of Palatinate, Durham University's newspaper, a.k.a. the best extra curricular I have ever partaken in - whenever I want to eat something I find myself being able to justify it by nodding knowingly and pulling out the phrase "I'm actually doing research - I might just want to write an article about this...", I have decided, at 2:56am, seeing as Food Network has just finished its last programme of the night, I may as well start this blog  - mainly for my own sanity, as well as the sanity of my friends and loved ones, who I suspect are getting more than slightly sick of my constant gourmet-related blathering, but also, hopefully, to amuse a handful of fellow foodies. 

So here it is. A blog. On food. Recipes, restaurant reviews, edible discoveries, media recommendations, recipe book gems, and just general food musings. My gourmet bites (if you will). 

Bon apetit! 

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